The Bedography Collection: Goddess Workshop

This is something that has been in the works for awhile, and I am super excited to offer it as an online workshop.

A lot of my students I noticed were dancing at home in small spaces. And I thought, well, we’re all at home, why not take the dancing to the bed? Have I been isolated too long, or is this a fun idea? I ran it by my students and they were intrigued.  And “Bedography” was born. What started off as a one time workshop has expanded to several different “bedography” workshops, and now I’m calling the series The Bedography Collection.

First up in the series is: Goddess. 

What is the Bedography Collection about? Read on.

We’re taking it from the dance floor to the bedroom in this BBS original workshop. 

Learn seductive, sultry choreography utilizing slow, sensual movement while dancing on the ultimate prop: the bed.

Bedograhy Collection: Goddess is on Sunday, April 18th at 3 pm cst (4 pm est). Rate: $35


  1. Email the studio email address at
  2. Say you want to attend GODDESS, and if you are reserving spaces for more than one person, please let us know. (We will need the emails of all students attending the workshop)
  3. You will receive an email with HOF’s Square account to pay for the workshop (HOF = House of Funk Theatre Company)
  4. Once payment is confirmed you will be sent the zoom link for Sunday’s GODDESS workshop.
  5. And you are all set!
Bedography Collection: Goddess

from the Bedography Collection: Goddess


And on the Dare Meter, GODDESS rates between “Naughty” and “Sexy-Sexy”… you’ve been warned…

Dare Meter

This workshop rates between “Naughty” and “Sexy-Sexy”

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