The Dare Meter

The Dare Meter

The Dare Meter is actually inspired by one of my long time students (over 10 years!). She brought up the idea of a rating system really more for private online parties, where maybe not everyone would be comfortable exploring/expressing their sexuality in a dance class setting (even online). And that having options would be more ideal for some. I am always more than happy to modify anything for any students, and always want everyone to be comfortable and feel class is a safe place to be to express oneself. But I also thought in general, that’s such a cute idea. Had to run with it!

So my student “E” came up with the sassy, naughty, and sexy-sexy rating system.

The Dare Meter name? That credit goes to my cousin, Z.

But I do love the idea in general, and hey, for those who feel intimidated or a little out of their comfort zone, you can just request me to make it a little more sassy than naughty. Or you want it more spicy? Tell me that too. I love the idea, and am super thankful for the support and creativity of those around me.

So to E and Z, cheers!

The Dare Meter

Do you Dare?


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