About Us

Burlesque Body Sculpt™ is the creation of Jana Edele, founder and artistic director of the Velvet Kittens of Le Cabaret Burlesque. Burlesque Body Sculpt™ is an incorporation of burlesque and cabaret dance movement integrated with classical dance technique. BBS can be defined as a dance or dance-fitness class, catering to the specific needs of the students. From beginner classes to specialized workshops and performance opportunities, the flirtatious choreography helps strengthen the body and develop confidence. While the design of the class is an instruction on a specific style of dance, the end result is an all around workout with fitness benefits including most all major muscle groups, strength, stamina, flexibility, improving posture, coordination, core strength, leg toning, and attitude and confidence.

I have all ages and types of women in the class, from business professionals to belly dancers, explains Jana. Many tell me that the class is their one hour away from work, their family, and stress to let their hair down, relax and have fun with the added benefit of exercise.

Burlesque Body Sculpt™ will have your hips rolling, head snapping, legs prancing and shoulders shimmying while learning the art of burlesque!