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Even with no previous dance training, the fun flirty moves were a blast. The class flew by so quickly, after one I was hooked!

-- Zabrina Rodriguez, Dallas, TX --

Learning dance was so entertaining; I didn’t even realize I’d just worked out for an hour. Dance was always something I wanted to try, but never got to. Can’t wait for the next lesson!

-- M. Rodriguez, Dallas, TX --

OMG! I had such a BLAST!! It’s so refreshing to take from an instructor who knows her choreography inside and out! It was AWESOME!! I guess I was kind of expecting a hobbyist/housewife dumbed-down routine (which would have been fine), but boy, was I pleasantly surprised!! :o) Seriously, I am so blissed out right now! THANKS SO MUCH for that!!… I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was by your class!!… Thanks Again for This Fantastic Opportunity!!

-- L. Trusler --

Jana’s burlesque classes have a little something for everyone; gym enthusiasts get cardio and core work, experienced dancers get new technique, and everyone gets a well-paced, well-rounded workout. As a bonus, Jana’s sense of humor puts shy students at ease.

-- L. Lynch, Dallas, TX --

Jana is a great instructor because she makes you feel comfortable no matter your skill level. The girls in the class range in ability, age, fitness, size, color but one thing they all have in common is that they are welcoming and fun. I’m a beginner and the classes so push me…in a good way. I’m excited to do something so feminine…it’s empowering!

-- G. Reisinger --

“Many reasons come to mind when thinking about why I’ve enjoyed the Burlesque Body Sculpt ™ classes choreographed and taught by a very creative and experienced teacher, Jana Edele. First, I love to dance! Combined with working core muscles, learning new moves that improve coordination and help restore flexibility, this is a win-win. Jana has chosen some amazing music for our routines and each is diverse and entertaining. She is patient, personable and professional. We work hard and always have good laughs. It’s a fabulous feeling knowing that I am enjoying a great dance class while boosting self-confidence in a fun way! My fellow students and I truly take pleasure in our time dancing, and an opportunity to perform. Please join us for an amusing and liberating way to reinvent yourself and express this form of art.”

-- Debbi Smith --

I am a mom of four, grandmother of four, dance instructor, owner of House of Funk Theatre and own a promotional products business. I have never taken a Burlesque class and must say, this was so much fun and wow, what a most excellent workout. Jana, I hurt in areas of my core that have not ached in many years. This was a great class and I recommend it for those looking for it professionally or just as a workout program. Thank you Jana for a great time and introduction to your world.

-- Cindy Capener, Dallas TX --

I’m a personal trainer and I work out a lot, but have been craving some variety in my routine. Burlesque Basics is a fun way to get in an extra workout with a creative twist. I definitely felt like my core and legs got a good workout and the stretching is great too! I was nervous about being able to do the moves, but Jana�moves at�a pace that makes you comfortable.

-- Cara Young, Dallas TX --

I just had a baby 8 weeks ago by emergency C-Section, and I am limited to what I am able to do physically for at least 12 weeks. I attended the Burlesque Body Sculpt class at the Veranda Club in Dallas and absolutely loved it! I was very leery of starting to exercise again for many reasons. The typical “baby-weight” gain is the one downside to the joy of having a child. I was definitely not feeling all that great about my physique, but I threw on some tights (BLACK or course!) and mustered up some courage and took the class. I was sweating within the first 3 minutes, and best of all I was able to go at my own pace and modify several moves that were still a bit uncomfortable from my surgery. The dance instructor, Jana Edele, is highly approachable, very friendly, knowledgeable and FUN! To sum it up, for a good hour I forgot that I needed to lose my baby-weight and had a complete blast….all while getting a great workout!� I’ll be back!

-- C. Peck, Allen TX --

I am one of VK’s biggest fans, now I’m learning from them. They are not only great dancers, but also great instructors. The style of their teaching gives me benefits like: flexibility, coordination, and stamina. As a belly dancer, I really appreciate what they have to offer.

-- "LaLa" Tribal Belly dancer from Duniani Dance Company, McKinney, TX --