Benefits of Dance

As adults when we engage in dance classes it’s not for the purpose of beginning a professional career, but as a way to better enhance ourselves, our physicality, and enjoyment in life. Here’s a compiled list of only some of the benefits of dance.

  1. Confidence. Dance is challenging for anyone. As you continue on in your dance education, you’ll begin to grasp elements that were once difficult. You also see the progress of your work visually. By taking a risk, working at something, and watching the progression as you obtain your goal is a very satisfying and uplifting experience for anyone.
  2. Learn to love your body and use it as an instrument in dance.
  3. Gain poise, grace, carriage, and posture. With repetition and in-class enforcement, you’ll find how you hold your body in everyday life changes as you learn to use and control your own muscles differently.
  4. Flexibility. Part of a dance warm-up includes limbering our muscles. This helps in preventing injuries, and keeps us physically young.
  5. Strength. As you utilize dance exercises you begin to build muscular strength. This has an overall benefit that with continuation can lead to staying physically young.
  6. Long and lean muscles. Dance incorporates specific exercises that produce the long and lean muscular look.
  7. Brain young! Dance offers an opportunity to engage the right and left hemisphere of your brain.
  8. Progression is individual. It’s natural and beneficial to progress at your own rate.
  9. Anyone, at any age or level, can benefit from dancing.
  10. Expression. Dance is exercise with an artistic intent.
  11. The “dancers high.” Maybe it’s the movement. Maybe it’s the music. But dancing provides a sense of overall well balance. Dancers often reach euphoria, or dancers high, just from taking a class.

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