Tap Dance Workshops

*Please note: All students must RSVP to attend classes at Arts 5th Avenue at 817-923-9500.

We currently offer tap dance as a workshop in two sessions. In session one a choreographed in taught, and in session two we rehearse the tap dance from session one. Students must attend session one to take session two. After session two we offer a performance opportunity for students who attend these workshops.

Students  who attend session one are not required to continue to session two. Students who attend session two are not required to perform. This is just an opportunity we offer to our students who attend these workshops.

These workshops mainly consist of students who also attend our burlesque workshops. Students are not required to attend a burlesque workshop to attend our tap workshops. The level of the class and choreography ranges from beginner to intermediate. The focus of the workshop is learning tap, learning a choreographed number, and the performance of tap. Students who attend these workshops are not required to perform.

For more information, or to RSVP, please contact Arts 5th Avenue. If you are looking for a weekly ongoing class focusing on learning tap dance, Arts 5th offers a variety of tap classes.

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